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If you are looking for a simple yet significantly impacting way to energize your team and demoralize the opponents- go with shouting baseball chants! Nothing ever goes wrong with a simple yell; however, it could be the reason driving your team to victory.  As a baseball fan on the field supporting your favorite team, you…

If you are looking for a simple yet significantly impacting way to energize your team and demoralize the opponents- go with shouting baseball chants! Nothing ever goes wrong with a simple yell; however, it could be the reason driving your team to victory. 

As a baseball fan on the field supporting your favorite team, you have a wide range of responsibilities. Out of all these, the most prominent one is to raise the players’ morale and add tons of excitement to the game by fighting spirit into their bodies through your proclaimed baseball chants. 

Whether your team is playing in the little or the major leagues, baseball chants are the most efficient approach to show support and have been proven inspiring for players of all ages. 

Your loud cheering from the crowd is beneficial for the mental state of your competing baseball team, which through your baseball chants, is made aware of the backing they have from their fans in attendance. 

So let’s dig and delve into looking for some baseball chants to cheer your team! 

Baseball ChantsBaseball Chants

At any baseball game, you hear several incredible roars stemming from the crowd. These simple yells are nothing but baseball chants! 

The crowd displays this sound of excitement as an act of solidarity. It is one of the most popular ways to show support and unity to your favorite team while simultaneously demotivating the rivals. 

Baseball chants are formulated by organizing familiar words together in a catchy manner that is precisely easy to follow and pertinent to the team’s quality. 

Often the chants start as a simple yell by an individual but progressively transform into a group motion with others joining in and creating a loud atmosphere in the field, making the game 10 times more entertaining and exciting to watch. 

Energy pricing baseball chants in their motivational words vary with the position of the ball being in the hands of the pitcher, then hitting the bat, the batter hitting and running, and so forth. 

Since players have come up with such a variety of these engaging and catchy baseball chants that it is never the same baseball chant that will be repeated for you to hear a second time. 

Occasions To Shout Baseball Chants: 

The game of baseball is unique in many respects, particularly distinctive in the sense that offense and defense do not play at the same time against each other but take turns. 

Though this applies to other games as well, such as football, the teams’ roles are reversed in the blink of an eye, which is very unlikely to happen in baseball because for the seventh inning stretch is declared. This, therefore, gives you enough time to switch up with your baseball chants per the appropriateness. 

To shout a baseball chant could take place at any time and also for the sake of motivation, fun, or entertainment, but when is it exactly that you are expected to chant in support of your favorite team, and when the players much desire this show of encouragement?

Following stated are certain instances during the game dedicated to yelling baseball chants. 

However, before you proceed, remember that baseball chants, like any other aspect of the game or a performed action, are subject to some restrictions which, if violated, could end up becoming problematic for you and your team. 

When Teams Take The Field:

As a committed fan of your favorite team, you will never want to miss out on the presented opportunity to chant. Such an opportunity is first raised when the teams are allocated their positions on the field, either defense or offense. 

Although many baseball teams prefer going out in the field, taking their positions, and chanting their made-up specific chant representing their team. You can join in with chanting the team’s official baseball chant or perform your unique rendition. 

Many fans at the game at this time choose to chant their favorite teams’ baseball chants to show their ultimate support and ensure that all the players know that their fans have their back. But you are not bound by this and can choose to chant otherwise. 

When Your Favorite Player Enters The Field: 

Who does not love it when their favorite player enters the field to dominate other players and secure a victory to take back home? This is your chance to show backing to your favorite player by shouting a baseball chant. 

Fans, in this instant, chant their favorite players’ names or sometimes even seal the deal with hooting. 

Nevertheless, chanting upon seeing your favorite player enter the field to bat has always been considered a poor form of hype and is never recommended to be done at the game youth level. Regardless, fans continue with such chants at bigger league games. 

When A Referee Makes An Unfair Call:

Do you want to portray your frustration amid the flooding crowd upon the referee making an unfair call for your team? Howl a baseball chant! 

There is no more suitable way to convey to the game umpire that he has made an incorrect decision or that you think the call he just made is bad and disagreeable. 

Slight to no chance that the chant will even impact the referee and his call but still, a baseball chant at this point is worth it, considering you have displayed your exasperation. 

When The Player Hits A Home Run:

The most typical occasion, and the ones that the fans never let go of for baseball chants, is when the player hits a home run. Chants grow wild and even more passionate when the player hits a home run with loaded bases. 

Do not restrict the chants only to when a home run has been hit; go ahead with illustrating your enthusiasm at any given moment, such as when the team out a well-qualified batter or there was excellent fielding, tagging out, double play, and catch out. 

When The Seventh-Inning Stretch: 

Out of all the occasions we have mentioned for baseball chants, the most enjoyable chanting moment is witnessed during the seventh-inning stretch. 

Every fan unanimously chants to support their teams, filling the field with echoes of multiple interacting words. A rhythmic chorus of chants is often coupled with fans dancing in a known and familiar motion, such as the Macarena. 

List Of Motivational Chants: 

In the preceding section, we stated all the occasions for you to shout your baseball chants. But what is that you will be chanting, and will the manner of the chant remain the same throughout, or is it to be changed with every occasion?

We know you all have a lot of such questions but do not fret anymore because we’ve got you with this! 

Baseball Chants For Batters:

  • You got a piece of it, now get the R-E-S-T
  • Good eye, good eye, now kiss the ball goodbye
  • The battle hit Seattle 
  • Hit it hard, hit it fast, and knock that pitcher on the grass 
  • Bases loaded; guess who is up. Home run hitter, you better back up. 

Baseball Chants For Pitchers: 

  • Slider
  • Pitch, pitch, pitch that ball
  • Strike him out
  • Focus on the ball
  • Concentrate
  • Make the player at the strike pay 

Baseball Chants For Your Favourite Player: 

  • Here Goes my favorite player
  • Show them all who you are
  • Teach them a lesson 

Baseball chants for a home run: 

  • We are taking it home! 
  • H-O-M-E, the place for me
  • We have the bases loaded 
  • And we are goin’ going’ going’ H-O-M-E

Baseball chants for Umpire:

  • Can you not see that?
  • Unfair call!
  • What was that call?
  • What is the matter with you?
  • Are you siding?
  • Is this call for real?

As it is evident, the sort of chant you want to shout at a baseball game differs by the occasion. Likewise, there is no hard and fast rule for you to follow when making up baseball chants, as these are slogans exclusive to each time, players, and the time when being howled. 

If you want, you can also be creative with the baseball chants and come up with new and many more rhythmic words as a chant that will surely go well with each other when shouted on the field during the game. 

Rules For Baseball Chants:

There is no doubting the fact that chants are entertaining and a way for you to enjoy the game while also exhibiting motivation and inspiration for your supporting teams. Your exceptional chants do act as a cause of refreshment for the entire stadium. 

However, when considering baseball chants, there are certain things to be kept in mind- rules that are also known as etiquette and are mandatory for everyone to be followed to avoid hostility. 

Similar to everything, chants have surrounding rules to set limits, and no one, despite how passionate of a fan they are, should be violating or crossing these limits because then, as a result, the environment, kids, teammates, and the crowd will be bothered. 

Rule #1: Make Easy Chants: 

This rule is especially for those who, in an attempt to appear highly dedicated to the sport, end up forming chants containing difficult words that do not rhyme. 

Others cannot chant such complex, long, and hard chants because the mismatch between the rhythm and the words is oblivious. However, do use words that can be simply articulated. 

Rule #2: Try Using Words With Easy Pronunciation

Everyone at the baseball game is in the stadium to have fun watching their favorite team play in front of their eyes. What harm will it do to use easy-to-pronounce words?

If you end up making a baseball chant with easy-to-pronounce words that are short in their spellings, it will only assist the remaining crowd by conveniently following the path of the chant and joining in to chant YOUR baseball chant. 

Rule #3: Add Movements 

As well as with the inclusion of rhythm, go ahead with exploring beyond words and maybe add some movement. There is an aspect to chants besides rhythm: motion which can be inculcated through pounding of the feet (stomping) and clapping the hands together. 

Rule #4: Personalize

Supposedly, you are going out to watch the local game of your town against a team from another town happening at a nearby field. In that case, personalize while making use of the encouraging phrases. 

Maybe add the qualities that discern your town’s team and its players from the opposition. Fresh cheers with some catchy rhyming tunes always bring fresh air to the ground. 

Rule #5 Do Not Harass Opposing time

Understandable how at times, you might feel frustrated towards the opposition because they just catch out your favorite player, but this does not entitle you with the right to harass the opposing team. Maintain respect and show some sport’s man spirit to them. 

Do not unnecessarily anymore complicate the game’s atmosphere by employing insulting and harassing language for any of the players or the spectators. 

Additionally, do not insult the fans as well when you do not like their chant or curse them through your chants.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

What are some chants for baseball?

Refer to the article “List of motivational chants” section for some baseball chants. 

What do you yell at a baseball game?

You can yell anything you want to at a baseball game but you must abide by some rules. 

What are some cool chants?

Cool chants can be like, “Three, Two, whatcha gonna do….walk him, walk him” Battle battle, Hit it to Seattle, and Hey pitcher, look at me, I’m a monkey in a tree.

What are examples of chants? 

There are many examples of chants, such as “Knock ’em down. Turn it around. C’mon, defense work.”


Today’s article on baseball chants brings you all the information you must be aware of, beginning with what baseball chants are and when they are to be shouted, followed by a motivational list of chants and the rules governing them. 

Now it is your time to get creative and choose your path of baseball chants to cheer your team while they play!

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